What is great design?

What is great design?

Starting with this question takes us in the wrong direction.

Great design doesn’t begin with fabric, colors, blueprints, or even physical space it begins with discovering your story.

Great design is not projecting your style onto someone, but the ability to understand, connect and draw out their ideas.

“Home” for you could mean clean lines, neutral color tones with a minimalist feel while another person’s ideal feeling of “Home” can be pops of color, distressed furniture, and farmhouse style decor.

At K+J Living, our approach to design is like putting a puzzle together with our clients. Our clients have a picture in their head or heart that they want their space to look and feel like but may not have the words to express what the outcome would look like.

Piece by piece we work together to create a picture of “Home” that reveals their ideal picture.

Our goal is never just to design a beautiful space. You can create a beautiful space and yet feel like you are in someone else’s home, this misses the mark.

Great design is when your client says “This is my home and I designed this.”

We see ourselves as the guide, sherpa, pilot, coach, advisor or GPS for our clients taking them on a journey of discovery around their likes, dislikes, wants, needs, form and function to create a space that gives them the feeling of “Home” that tells their story.

From selecting paint colors, rearranging the layout of your space, to designing a full remodel or new construction project, K+J Living offers a range of design consulting services helping clients make the most educated decision on personal style, budget, and overall vision for your space.

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