The Excuses We Tell Ourselves

No More Excuses

“There is no way I could ever do that.”

“It’s just too much work.”

“This is impossible.”

I have heard excuses from people telling me all the reasons something they wanted to accomplish was impossible.

The same excuses have even come out of my mouth at times. 

Every time I I uttered one of these phrases it had nothing to do with it being impossible it was always that I didn’t want it bad enough to be inconvenienced.

For most of us, the inconvenience is not worth the effort because we think there are no consequences either way.

That extra thirty pounds we need to lose may not bother us today, but it may be the thing that gives us a heart attack at age 50.

What is your health worth to you?

If we are in debt and want to live debt free, we may need to work two or three jobs to get there.

To break through, get out of debt, lose weight, heal a relationship, or get a better job, no matter what we are talking about it ALL takes hard work and inconvenience.

I also hear Christians tell me “KC, I have been praying about this or that subject for years.”

I’ve had couples with marital problems come to me, again and again, asking me to “pray” for their relationship, but they have never stepped foot in a counselor’s office.

Do you continue to complain about your job? Have you gone back to school? Have you applied anywhere else?

What action steps can you take to work with God to see your “impossible” prayers come to pass?

If we are honest with ourselves, it’s the inconvenience that leads us out of our comfort zone and forces us to feel some level of discomfort.

Short-term pain is the only thing that will get you long-term gain.

To move our life forward from a place we are stuck, we are going to feel some level of emotional, physical and spiritual discomfort. 

Again, Short term pain is the only thing that will get you long-term gain.

Impossible? No. Inconvenient? Yes. But it won’t last forever. 

Start the hard work and short-term pain today to experience the long-term gain and the outcome you desire.

What steps will you take today to see greater health and happiness in your life? 

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