Where can I find more time?

We're pretty sure the phrase "The world runs on Dunkin" might be true. 

We are running on more coffee, less sleep trying to cram one more thing in before crashing into bed whispering "Where can I find more time?

The last time we went looking for more time, we didn't find any. 

There wasn't any extra laying around or hidden under our couch with the remote we couldn't find. 

We all have twenty-four hours in a day, but we still find ourselves overcommitted and stressed. 

If you find yourself saying  "Where can I find more time?" 
maybe it's time to ask a different kind of question. 

When overwhelmed and stressed from "Not enough time" begin by asking  "What can we stop doing or say no to? 

This question is an empowering one reminding us that we schedule our day and if we schedule our day then we can also unschedule our day.

Warren Buffett said, "The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say no to almost everything." 

What has worked for our family (and no pressure to adopt this) is we told our kids growing up that they could only do one thing at a time. No multiple commitments and even with this precedence, we still have overlap on certain evenings. This helped our family avoid the overwhelm monster that likes to eat up all of our time and allowed us to live our values like eating together as a family, having a consistent bedtime routine and date nights as a couple. 

Time is precious, but more importantly your life so all the more reason to routinely ask "What can I stop doing or say no to." 


News and Upcoming Events


We posted the pictures the rooms everyone entered for our ZERO BUDGET GIVEAWAY CHALLENGE. Vote for the room you want to see win the challenge on our Facebook Page. The one with the most likes wins! Vote HERE

  • K+J Living Booth

We opened up a new booth at Skeleton Key Arts and Antiques at 520 18th St Rock Island, Illinois where you can find some of our custom furniture pieces decor. 

  • Clipboard Make & Take Class

We have an exciting Clipboard Make & Take class coming May 18th that you can sign up for HERE. 

  • Podcast Launch

Our new podcast has launched where we talk about Designing a meaningful home, better health, and more happiness. You can listen HERE