A Home Full Of Meaningful Things

The picture in this blog post is of one of our “Treasure Jars.” We call them our treasure jars because they are filled to the brim with old nails, bottle caps, a dog collar, shells, and hundreds of other meaningful things.

You might ask “How can nails, bottle caps, a dog collar, or shells be meaningful?”

Every single thing in our treasure jar is something our kids have found on hikes, digging in the yard throughout their childhood or something that has special meaning to us. The dog collar was the color our dog ginger wore. She passed away some time ago but was in our family for nine years.

Our children are now are almost all teenagers. Rachael is nineteen, Ellie is fifteen, and Carter is turning thirteen in July. We still collect things for our treasure jars and we love them so much.

Our home tells our story.

Our treasure jars and so many other things in our home tell the story of us. One of our favorite questions we ask when choosing new items to display in our home is: “Does this tell our story?”

We want every little nicknack, picture, table, or whatever it is not just to take up space so we can say “We decorated” but to be rich with meaning, purpose, and add to the telling of our story.

The telling of your story is what we mean at K+J Living when we say “Design a meaningful home.” and we would love to help you discover those unique, meaningful creations that do just that.

This coming weekend April 14th and 15th we are opening our new shop inside Skeleton Key Art and Antiques located at 520 18th St in Rock Island, Illinois!

Our shop will be filled with one of a kind items that can bring on special meaning to you, your family and your home.

This weekend is also the Antique Island Shop Hop where eight Rock Island antique stores will be banding together to give you an unforgettable shopping weekend – and the chance to win big in the process! You get to hop all over our little Antique Island, get a stamp at each location, and you’ll be entered to win $800 in gift certificates ($100 from each participating store!)

The participating stores are:
. Skeleton Key Art and Antiques (Where the K+J Living shop is located)
. Dar-Jac Antiques & Jewelry
. Vintage Varieties
. More Than Antiques
. Vintage Rose Antiques and Jewelry
. Fred & Ethel’s
. Jackson’s Antiques
. GV’s Stuff (located next door to Fred & Ethel’s)

We will be hanging out at Skeleton Key Art and Antiques beginning at Noon this coming Saturday and Sunday, April 14th and 15th both days.

We would love to see you and hear how you are telling your story in your home. 

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