Black Friday Sale! Buy One Get One Free!

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Jennifer (along with her hubby) owns and works out of the K+J Living store in Milan. With a focus on home decor it's a unique blend of handmade items from local vendors and artists and vintage goodness. The store is open once a month to the public for a big shopping weekend and the rest of the month it functions as a studio for Jennifer.

Pop-Up Sessions are:

Two new sets each week that Jennifer puts together based on what she happens to have in the store that week. They are typically posted to our Facebook page on Sunday and are available to book for that week.

As we go they are getting more and more popular so we’ve put together a list of FAQ. Please do not hesitate to ask any additional questions you may have!



Each session is 30 minutes, includes two sets/outfits and can be for 3-4 children ages 3 months to 10 years.

*What does the $25 include?

The $25 is the session fee and covers Jennifer’s time for the session and image processing after your session. There is NO order requirement

*How much are pictures?

We have put some heavily discounted packages together that range from $99 for five prints and a digital file to $290 for all the digital files and a 16x20 canvas. If you choose the $290 option your session fee goes towards that. A La Carte starts at $40 for gift prints 8x10 and smaller.

*How many images will we have to choose from?

Every child is different so we cannot guarantee a set number. An average number is 20-30.

*Can I schedule in advance?

Because our store inventory is ever changing we don’t know what our sets will be ahead of time. You’re certainly welcome to book in advance but we would prefer you wait to be sure you love the sets for that week. We do our best to post the new sets each Sunday.

*Will you be doing these for Holidays?

No, we will do a day of Christmas mini sessions where we will build a special set. There will be different pricing options for these, stay tuned for details. Because our sets are made of things our vendors bring us we never know what we will have. We do sometimes put a touch of the season but we will not be doing any that will be overtly Christmas or Easter etc. We know mamas need extra time to plan for those 😊

*Can these be for a family?

Unfortunately our space just does not allow us to build two family sized sets and then leave them up all week. We keep these small and they are perfect for children and babies.

Our next dates to shop are Nov 23-25th from 1-7 pm each day. Almost everything you see in our pictures will be included in our sale. This keeps us on our toes always creating new props to use as well as relying on our awesome vendors to keep bringing in fantastic finds! We are located in the same building as Spinner’s Pizza in Milan at 319 1st ave W.